June 27th, 2005



The Corgi picnic was fun. I got there just as the food was served. I brought the little man with me and he was stuck by my side all day until the end, when people starting to bring out treats for their dogs. He loves food. It felt good that I could leave him without his leash on and not have to worry about him. (1) Like I said, he stuck to me nearly all day; at one point he tried to follow me into the bathroom, and (2) everyone there either heard of him or knew him so they weren't going to let anything happen to him. After we got home, we took a nap in the air conditioning for almost 2 hours. They had an air conditioned building but we didn't spend much time there.

Tonight I got to read about the No Follow command which is supposed to help prevent blog spamming. Six Apart is already using it and LiveJournal is supposed to get it at some point.
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Monday Night

Today I left work as soon as I could and picked up dog food. I took a short nap with my husband and then we walked to the movie theater to see Nobody Knows. It was a sad movie but not every good movie has to be happy.

For dinner I made Stouffer's French Bread Pizza - really quick to make!

We watched the Inferno II wrap-up show. It really did show you behind the scenes stuff you didn't know!
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