June 29th, 2005


The Birthday

My goal for the week hasn't gotten done yet. Boo!

Yesterday at work, one of my employees bought the department pizza, breadsticks and soda to celebrate his new house. He got the keys to his new home on Monday. He is Pakistani and I think it is a custom to have a celebration of such an event. Since it was my birthday and I was looking forward to a lunch at Skyline, I said I'd have a few breadsticks and that was it. He doesn't eat pork in any form and it just struck me as wrong to have him order pepperoni pizza for me. The department seemed to like it.

Before I left for my lunch (late in the afternoon) I was presented with a card from the department, and two people sang Happy Birthday to me while another just stood by and laughed. I didn't know what to expect. Last year I didn't get anything and the year before my employees signed me a card and bought me a cake. As much as I complain about the people I work with, lots of them have good hearts.

I left work a little early and went to the store to pick up some things for dinner. Once I got home though, the dishes were so piled up that it would be hard to cook, so I suggested we go out to dinner. My husband got me a Hallmark e-card which has a detective theme. I was feeling a little mushy before then and that just made me a little more mushy. We went to Lulu's where he had the Kobe burgers and I had the cast iron skillet chicken with green beans and garlic mashed potatoes (yes, Merriam-Webster gives it the plural form an e). I had a bite of the Kobe beef (which I liked) and one of his french fries. The french fry was one of the best I've had and my face must have lit up because my husband commented on it. It's strange that I can remember the incident that made me not like ketchup, but being such a french fry fan, wouldn't I remember the first taste of that crispy, salty potato? I guess not.

I got paged just before ordering dessert and then again just after eating dessert. I tried the coconut cream pie balls which are little cream puffs filled with coconut cream pie filling. You can smear chocolate on top or drizzle caramel. My cell phone was recharging so after leaving the restaurant we found a pay phone and I answered the questions that were waiting for me. We then went to the library down the street. I had won a prize from the adult summer reading club. A $5 Panera gift card. I'll use it! The band that was supposed to be outdoors on the lawn was inside because of the off and on rain. We then went to the downtown library to pick up some items for my husband. The meanie made me walk up and down the three flights of stairs to get to the third floor. For some reason that last flight does me in. ;)

We went to Barnes and Noble where I got paged again. It was 8:30pm and the 8pm person hadn't shown up yet. We stopped at Dairy Queen to get me an Orange Mr. Misty. We got home at 9:30pm where I started to make calls to get someone to come in. I half-joked with my husband that if I had to work overnight on my birthday that I would immediately use the 49 hours of vacation I've earned (I still have 119 hours total left for the year) and then hand in my two-week notice. While I didn't reach anyone, I did let me new boss know about it and he was able to reach the man that had bought pizza that day for lunch. I felt so bad - but he loves to work the extra hours no matter when his scheduled shift is. That's one reason why I approved it for him to take three weeks off in December and January to go to Pakistan to see his relatives.

We got a late start on the rest of the evening because of the phone calls. We watched a movie called Quill about a lab that is sent to off to become a seeing eye dog. It's set in Japan and the subtitles weren't the best but it was a good movie. Maybe it touched me because I'm a dog owner. Or maybe I was happy to finally know what it is that dogs dream about.

I didn't want to get up this morning because I went to bed so late last night. Today I got to listen in on phone calls and have my main customer yell at me again. I mean, she doesn't really yell, but the tone she gets in her voice is a tone that shouldn't be used with people. I just did my best to ignore her. I did tell my boss' boss last month that I want taken off her account. I also have a theory with her and babies that is probably just too coincidental but I don't think she realizes the stressful impact she has on people.

I didn't get to read my emails until tonight. I had e-cards from ~M~ and my best friend that were sent yesterday but I didn't get to pick them up until tonight. My mother left me messages at work and at home yesterday singing happy birthday to me. I should probably call her back tonight. I'm off to make dinner now.
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