August 3rd, 2005



On the way home from work I thought I'd write about the call I got from the police on Saturday or how I gave blood for the first time today. My fingers and arms turned purple and my co-workers laughed at me becaues I like wearing jeans on Thursday so much that I would give blood for it.

I got home before my husband and had an envelope from my mother in the mailbox. One never knows what is going to be in those envelopes. Sometimes there are articles on weight loss, allergies, movies, or my college alma mater. Today it was an obituary and it made me sad.

My dentist died. It was shocking and unexpected. I walked the dog and before we were done with the walk my husband came home. He always knows the right things to say and do to comfort me. My dentist was 49. When he opened up his dental practice I was one of the first patients. He talked about giving me a job one summer as a dental assistant right before I graduated from college. When I graduated from college he and his wife bought me a gift of Evelyn and Crabtree Spring Rain bubble bath. Each time I saw him he asked how my husband was doing though they've never met. He volunteered his time at OSU to teach dental students and did work on a sliding scale for those less fortunate. If the bill ended up being less than $10 he wrote it off. (I can't recall how many insurance benefit forms I got that said I owed him $5 but never had to pay him.) He's brought three other dentists into his practice and he just had a building built for it two years ago. Some people might begrudge him for having a sports car or a plane since dentists are so rich, but he and his wife built the business from the ground up and he was a truly nice person. They were married for 26 years and my heart aches from the loss of a wonderful person who loved life so much. He loved people. My heart aches for his wife. Twenty-six years doesn't seem like enough time to be with the person you love.

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