August 29th, 2005


My Sunday

Today was full of tv watching and movies.

We saw The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. I was very surprised to find out the man who developed a relationship with the birds was very much "out of touch" with society. By that, I mean he didn't technically live anywhere and he didn't have a reliable source of income. He had human friends. You never got the feeling that he was destitute or that he didn't lead a full life. Mark Bittner is one of those caring souls that only a few people recognize and the ending was surprising. The audience sure didn't see it coming. I bet Mark didn't see it either when Judy Irving started to make the movie. The movie was a bit different than I thought it would be. I thought it would be about Mark's relationship with the birds. To an extent it was, but it was also about the birds themselves. It's certainly very informative! We saw posters for this in March so I was glad to finally get to see it.

The second movie we saw was Saving Face. Since I first saw her in Twin Peaks I have found Joan Chen breathtakingly beautiful. She's the same age as my oldest brother but she's been aging a lot better than him! The boom mike at the top of the screen in some scenes was a bit annoying but my husband pointed out that sometimes it was the fault of the movie theater as the film wasn't shown in the correct ratio. I enjoyed the story and the acting. It had some comic moments and at the end I wanted to let out a big cheer for the main character.

We watched a few episodes of The Amazing Race. We're on Season 4 now and I think we started watching the regular airings with Season 5. Somehow I think Jon and Kelly will win but I think the teams of Al and John or Chip and Reichen will give it a good push at the end. The "Billy Goats" were just eliminated. I have tried to stay away from all of the official and spoiler sites so I don't have anything ruined for me. It seems like Jon and Kelly are always butting heads, though. Chip and Reichen have to be one of the most caring couples on television. After Chip same through the frozen water to get to the other side, Reichen was right there telling him to put on his long underwear and helping him get dressed.

Last Wednesday was Bravo's Kathy Griffin show and the Battle of the Network Reality Stars. Kathy Griffin was funny as usual. The episode was about her trip to Illinois and being one of the red carpet interviewers for the Grammys. This was the second show for the Battle of the Network Reality Stars. It's fun to watch the people compete in events we used to watch on TV as kids. I love our Digital Video Recorder (DVR) because we can record all of these shows and watch them later. You don't have to fiddle with VHS tapes and worry about whether or not you have enough room on the tape or if you taped over something you wanted.

We watched Thursday night's episode of Big Brother. Goodness! I can't believe April finally won a competition. When it was announced that the next America's Choice award was going to be a phone call from a loved one my husband and I immediately called it for Howie or Janelle. Since we didn't see the episode until tonight neither of us voted. My husband has been regularly reading the Television Without Pity forums. The posts are so funny! I guess Big Brother announced to the houseguests that Janelle won America's Choice this week. Someone posted 19 minutes of the conversation that followed in the HoH room. April kept yapping on about how Big Brother rigged it to create drama in the house, Ivette cried and curled up into a fetal position, James was stunned and Maggie just made strange faces while trying to figure out what happened. After Janelle checked on them to make sure they weren't mad at her for winning, April talked about how Janelle is trash and James talked about how materialistic Janelle is. Usually there are just one or two people who act like they're in high school and this season there is a handful. Just when I think I'm going to stop watching the show, someone manages to stir things up so that it's interesting again.

Through the grapevine I heard one of my employees is going to resign on Monday. It would not be a surprise as he's started to get pressure from his team mates for various behaviors and he was in an incredibly good mood on Friday. He's never in a good mood. He's about as sour most of the time as April from Big Brother.

My husband and the dog spent some time on the front porch today. My husband read the newspaper and a book while the dog barked at people, laid on the grass and wondered where I was. I spent some time with them and am almost done reading The Traveler. I just started it on Friday.

While visiting my parents they got a letter from their lawyer regarding a recent meeting they had. The estate tax laws are changing as are the Medicare criteria and my parents don't like it. One option for them is to move out of the state. They're not ready to do that just yet. They just had a home built about two years ago. My dad hasn't retired yet. The other option is to redo their estate planning. This is the option they are going for now. For the last few years they've made sure I know of their wishes. I have copies of all kinds of documents and know where they are kept in their house. They've shared this same information with my brother. My parents let me read the letter from the lawyer, said they were going to get Powers of Attorney notarized and that we'd be getting copies of everything. The new laws will change the date that the government looks at things. For instance, right now when considering Medicare coverage, the state looks at the last 36 months of income. The change will make it 60 months. I've only half listened to their complaints about the changes because usually anytime they complain about politics I tune them out. We vote differently from one another and it's best to steer clear of such topics to keep the family harmony in place.

The Storm

Right around the time I logged my LJ, I heard some thunder and stuff. The rain came down so hard!

I'm not looking forward to work today just because I don't have much of anything to look forward to there. During my last vacation I looked at the usual places for jobs but also checked out McGraw-Hill. Last week I applied at Cardinal, one of the largest employers in Ohio. A friend told me about the job and I figured, "Why not?" If I hear back from them it will probably be in five months.
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Right before I left for work this morning I went into the basement. It did it again. More flooding from the rain. The good news is that we got everything off the floor we wanted to keep when we were cleaning out the basement a few months back. So nothing I wanted to keep got damaged. It isn't much rain, but it is standing water which isn't good.

I was supposed to move my desk at work tomorrow. Instead I moved today! I got sweaty and my left foot hurts. I think I need to get a new pair of loafers or get some extra padding for the pair I have now.

When I got home I had a surprise waiting for me in my inbox. Cardinal wants to interview me in the next two weeks. Fortunately, I have two days off while hubby is out of town. I was going to just hang out, relax and get some things done. I suppose if I got a new job that would certainly be getting something done, wouldn't it?

Tonight we saw Yesterday Once More. It was quite good. It is about a married pair of thieves who divorce but still love one another. When the woman becomes engaged to marry, they both go after the same heist and try to figure out what if their future is with each other.
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