October 22nd, 2005


Friday Update

I liked Keane but I wasn't engaged/involved with it. I wasn't sure if the movie was a narrative story or a character study and just went along with it as though I were studying a science project. The Q&A with Kent Jones and Lodge Kerrigan was funny and interesting. You can tell they get along pretty well with each other. The man seated next to me was an enthusiastic power clapper and hung on every word. It's nice to see people enjoy themselves.

The audience was polled on whether or not they believed the main character had a daughter or not. Most hands went to Not Sure, second place went to Yes and in last was No. I found myself very moved by the discussion Kent and Lodge had onstage with each other and the audience. Mental illness is a subject close to Lodge's heart and he even commented that he can't get excited about making movies about happy people and events. They just don't interest him and they are fine for the 90% or so directors who do those types of movies well. His movies are about people that have things wrong with them or led unhappy lives. The last question of the night actually came from a friend of my husband's and it wasn't a question. He made the comment that in many movies someone with mental illness is played for laughs or the story goes in that direction and it was refreshing to not have that done. This prompted Lodge to share some stories about people he's met or come across in his travels. I got a little teary-eyed because he articulated many good reasons on why people should be treated with empathy and like human beings.

After the Q&A I was told my hubby went home sick and wouldn't be going out to the dinner. I called home but he may not have been there yet or was passed out on the couch. I got him some diet 7-Up and was surprised when I got home to find him ready for bed on the couch. He looked awful. The flu bug is going around at his work but I think he just didn't take good care of himself today while running around to get ready for Lodge and Kent. I normally talk to him once a day and we didn't get to talk at all. He drank some of the 7-up, ate a bowl of chicken noodle soup and went right to bed. Poor baby.

I watched Survivor (I got a few surprises out of the episode), ate some french fries and read some of The Carnivorous Carnival. I have a huge stack of library books I need to get finished and returned.

Lunch today was a success! I sent out a list of 4 - 5 places and I was told that it was my decision. So I went with the Winking Lizard which was a favorite with everyone. They said it had to be put in the rotation of places from now on. I kept hinting that they do catering so maybe we can get them to cater a lunch for the call center some time.

While at lunch CNN kept their coverage on the two men in the rental car who said they had a bomb by the Capitol building. They got the men out of the car, into custody and were going to detonate the package. I saw a little blurb/headline on Yahoo afterwards but don't know if it made any of the evening news stories.

The dog tried to herd me into the bedroom since it's past our normal bedtime. To get him to stop I had to herd him into the bedroom and leave him there. hehe.