November 7th, 2005


Today so far

I dropped off the mail at the post office on my way to work and was only a few minutes late in getting to work on time. For some reason I get a satisfied feeling dropping mail into a mailbox. “My work is done, now it’s your turn.”

I’m nearly finished with monthly reviews of everyone and they’ve all been happy with them so far.

All day yesterday I had an idea for another novel brewing in my head. I finally wrote it down, then later on decided to do a synopsis of it. Later if I don’t like it, I don’t have to write it or I can change the things I don’t like. But it’s nice to have done something a little extra.

I also worked on my entry for the Writer’s Digest monthly contest.

Yesterday afternoon I started a long LJ entry but didn’t get to finish it on all the other stuff I’ve been doing besides NaNo. It’s in draft at home so might get posted this evening or tomorrow.