November 9th, 2005


Random Stuff

Voter turnout for my county was only 29% so most of the state issues were defeated. Blech!

It started raining last night and we had a storm watch for the area. No power went out around me but rain makes me want to stay in bed all day. I'm feeling a bit groggy or something and don't really want to go to work.

Tonight I have my career counseling appointment at 5:30pm. I have no idea what happens at one of these but it can't hurt to bring my resume. Each appointment is 30 minutes.

Saw Vive le Tour last night about the Tour de France. It was quite funny! Some of the spectators were pushing the racers up the mountains. The main feature was Five Times Two. Maybe I started saying it when I got engaged or maybe I started saying it after I got married... but no one knows what happens in a marriage but the two people involved. In retrospect, maybe they don't even know.

NaNoWriMo writing was slow yesterday. I'm at a total of 15,062 words. After the movies last night I had to do some work for work which took longer than expected. I did get my 5,000 word reward. That was some good popcorn! And I got to watch My Name is Earl which was funny as always. Some of what I wrote had some real thought behind it, so that is good. I wasn't expecting to write much anyway. The dog didn't like the storm and I could hear the music from the office which was distracting. (It's not really an office. We use our second bedroom as an office - desk, PC, love seat, bookcase, tv, etc. are all in there.) I would have rather danced to the music or sing along than write.

I know I won't get much writing done tomorrow night either so I already knew that I would get lots of writing done tonight and Saturday. Saturday write-ins seem like good times to increase the word count. Columbus, Ohio was increasing in the rankings but is down again. We were at 51 earlier this week and now we're at 53. It's kind of neat to know the word count of your region.

Career Counseling

So tonight I met with a career counselor. Some of it was a bunch of hooey and some of it mad sense. I told him about my present job and what I liked/didn't like about it. Then he told me what I should do is take a personal inventory of the things I like about my job. He told me that he sensed I had problems with leadership and coaching and should take some classes or learn more about personality types, etc. The gist was that I should see what I can do to make me more satisfied with my job. I should also look to myself to come up with creative ways of dealing with people. Okay - I can see that because the help desk industry isn't all that creative.

Then I told him how there hasn't been any raises in five years, how I've gone as far at my company as I can (minus my present manager's job which I don't want), I've approached my last three managers with my unhappiness and I get a new manager every 18 months. They all recognize validity in what I say but nothing gets done to change things. While I've been seriously unhappy since May 2004 I've only applied for four jobs and interviewed for five (one of the managers I interviewed with referred to another manager for a position that became available) but these bizarre things generally happen or they need someone with more teaching/coaching experience or went with someone internal who already knew the product/system.

He gave me some solid information about how to update my resume. I will spend some time on it but it's not a high priority at the moment. I know it will take me a few weeks to get it done. He is going to send me some one-day seminar information regarding advanced coaching skills and such for me to approach my manager. While I know firsthand they haven't paid for anyone to attend any classes or workshops in five years not run by clients maybe I can get him to send some of the managers to one or have the career counselor come in and run a workshop. Right now of the "junior managers" (since I'm the only one that is a manager and the other two are leaders) one team of people is so unhappy that half of them are looking for new jobs and the other half are just happy to have a job. The other one has a team that gossips about each other, doesn't do their assigned work, and want to set their own work schedules from day to day. They could really use the training or workshop as well.
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