February 17th, 2006



So I downloaded this free software called Sonar (version 2) for keeping track of submissions. It's not the most intuitive piece of software but once I've gotten around to playing with it things have gotten easier. I'm going to keep using it.

Since I didn't hear back from Seal Press about their She's Such a Geek anthology by the 15th I can assume my essay has been rejected. Does it count as my first rejection if I didn't actually get a rejection letter? *grins*

I had a bunch to write but I'm sleepy so now I'm off to bed. It's Friday tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

*Flings Poo*

Today we got a letter from our landlord about the dog poo complaints from people. We get one nearly every year. My husband thinks everyone got one. Our neighbors don't clean up after Piper (who has gotten big). I was going to call and complain a week or so ago but didn't do it. I mean, if someone with a dog complains, then it can't be that person, right? There wasn't a letter last year and it was just us who had a dog.

I had to write about this to let it go. If I didn't, I might let this fester and ruin the first night of my weekend.