February 22nd, 2006


Tuesday Already?

I woke up this morning feeling like someone had taken a miniature baseball bat to my body. Even the knuckles on my hands hurt. Hubby stayed home today and took good care of me. He didn't even flinch when I approached the trash can and started filling it with the contents of my tummy.

I did manage to get down some soup, crackers and 7up in the evening. The warm bath might have helped too.

I got my first official rejection letter from The First Line. :)

Over The Hump Day

I forgot to mention that on Sunday night my husband popped in his DVD of Peter Gabriel's Secret World Tour. It is thanks to this concert that our engagement was delayed. And that's okay because I think the resulting story is more romantic than what my husband first had in mind. One of these days I'll probably get it down on paper. We've told it so many times it's part of our repertoire. I found the DVD today on a pile of DVDs so I guess he is going to sell it. While I wouldn't like him to he's free to do it. After we'd been married about three or four years he started selling off some of our DVDs and I got mad at him because he included DVDs I had picked out or that he'd bought for me as a present. We have so many DVDs I can't keep track of what we have. It got even harder when he arranged them into the two categories of ones we'd seen and ones we hadn't seen. At one point he arranged them by director's name instead of title and I flipped out. I have a better memory for titles than I do directors names. It got changed back to titles pretty quickly.

I woke up at 2:30am trying to get rid of my stomach contents which wasn't very much. I called in sick to work then. Mainly it's my back that's achey now.

Isabella Rossellini won't be coming here in March after all. I suppose that's a good thing because I don't know if my heart could take it. I was reminded of that because her former maid, Lucyna Turyk-Wawrynowicz, has been found guilty of grand larceny, forgery and identity theft. She said Grace Hightower was mean but Isabella always treated her with well. There are just some celebrities who seem to have the complete package. John Travolta, my main girlhood crush, would make my heart go into palpitations also.

Jennifer Pelland has noted the SLF is launching a mentorship program. I don't know if you need to be a member or not. Information can be found on Jennifer Pelland's LJ.


Margaret Atwood has formed a corporation, Unotchit (Younotouchit), to create a device called the LongPen. Using a web cam, the author can speak to the fan at the store, and using a tablet, sign a copy of the book. The robotic arm in the store then signs the book in the author's handwriting. Amazing. I can see this being a method used by disabled and housebound authors to do book tours as well as the busy author who doesn't want to spend so much time on the road.

Videos available through about.com at http://contemporarylit.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http://www.unotchit.com/see%2Dvideo.html

Matthew Sweet News

Last night my husband asked me to read a Yahoo article about Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs. I was afraid it was leading up to Matthew divorcing his second wife for her so you can imagine my relief to find out they've been working on an album together. It's called Under the Covers: Volume 1. I went to his web site today to see if there was any news and there wasn't. (No new news since 2004.)

I did find out they have a page on My Space with three downloadable songs. The covers are of the Beatles, Velvet Underground and the Bee Gees. :)