February 25th, 2006


Last Night and Other Stuff

Last night went "pret-ty wel-l-l-l-l" as Larry David would say. After work I let out Zilla and then took a short nap before going over to the Wexner Center to see A Tale Of Cinema. I probably enjoyed the first half of the movie more than the second half. Even with my nap I got a little sleepy during the second half. The director's appearance was cancelled due to a leg injury he experienced last week. It made him unable to do the traveling he was expecting to do here and the other places he was going to visit. The discussion after the movie was a bit of a lively one. The audience was varied; it wasn't all Wexner Center regulars. It wasn't packed with Koreans and it wasn't packed with an older crowd either. It was a good mix. Some people asked questions or shared thoughts who I wouldn't have expected to.

Afterwards we went to Mad Mex for food and drinks with a film friend and a friend of his. While there, I was asked if I'd want to go out dancing with the film friend's wife and their neighbor. Under different circumstances I might have. I wasn't really dressed for dancing in my Clan MacLear t-shirt and jeans. And I felt huge. All day I'd felt big as a cow and about as graceful as one trying to do the two-step. We were there for about three hours. The mild buffalo wings I got were flavored very nicely. The music was good but it was way too fast. The restaurant sped it up quite a bit.

I went to bed about one and didn't hear my husband sneak in at three.

My husband's promotion brings a pay raise which we weren't sure he'd get until July during their annual reviews. Woo hoo! I think it's still less than what he should be making, but I am glad they recognize how valuable he is.

The university redid Larkins Hall, one of the athletic facilities, and now have times when faculty/staff and guests can come in free to use the facilities. I think I'd like to do that.

My husband went to the barber yesterday morning. His haircut is cute.

This Morning

For some reason I just couldn't focus on writing while at the library this morning. Maybe I was more in the mood to edit, or do something else. I did get a few words down for something though.

My books from Shocklines arrived today. I was surprised mehitobel's book was signed but the site did mention it. :)

The neighbors with Piper may be moving. Or some of them. There is a U-Haul outside and my husband has said the noises from the apartment have made Zilla barky today.

One show that has cracked me up due to the sheer entertainment value is Parental Control. I just can't believe some of the things these boyfriends and girlfriends will say to the parents. It's so disrepectful and completely on a different relationship than I ever had with my boyfriends' parents.

One great thing about my husband (I don't think I could ever pick just one thing) is that he's always on the lookout for ideas for me. While flipping through the channels he found an episode of Made where the piano student who lives in the house of matriarchs wants to be a rapper. We watched some of it together. Just when I would pick my jaw up from the floor something else would make it fall again. I'm thinking to myself, "OMG! There's so much material here!" If it weren't for him I wouldn't have seen it.

This week I finished reading Revision: A Creative Approach to Writing and Rewriting Fiction by David Michael Kaplan. Some of it really clicked for me. It also explains why I do okay with either the beginnings or the endings of my story. It's like they get worked around in my head until they're good before I get them down on paper.

I also finished How to Write a Dirty Story: Reading, Writing and Publishing Erotica by Susie Bright. It didn't tell me much that I didn't already know.

ancarett is a highly talented friend who let me snag one of her wonderful icons earlier this week. I haven't done much writing today but wanted to use it. Enjoy!