February 27th, 2006


Sunday Evening

The cleaning today was a success! The thing I hate about the dust mask is that my glasses always fog up and my face gets hot. We're not completely done cleaning but that's what the rest of the week is for, right?

There is still a pile of magazines and such by my side of the coffee table that I need to go through. It also includes the resume writing books. That and a quick sweep of things underneath the present couch and that room will be done. It's so nice I get to sit in my recliner again. Zilla sat in his chair a few times. I even got to do some writing on the recliner too! I love it when it's clean. I just hate doing the cleaning.

The dining room is next. The table becomes the "catch all" for everything after a while but it would be nice to have it clean for my mother's stay while we're in New York. The last time she stayed I could have sworn she was going to be here for a month; she brought so much food. We should get the couch on Sunday.

I was pleasantly surprised while watching Jersey Girl. I thought it was going to be sitcom-like and about Ben Affleck's character getting together with Liv Tyler's character. Nope. It wasn't sitcom-like and it was about Ben Affleck's character waking up to his responsibilities as a father. It was pretty trite, though. One of my favorite scenes was with Jason Lee and Matt Damon. I've always enjoyed Jason Lee but I seem to like Matt Damon more and more all the time.

Later this week we're going to see a play.


I stood in line at Barnes and Noble, thinking about how good I was because I hadn't bought any books. Then my husband points at the counter... "Want that one?" "Or that other one?"

Argh! I bought The Best American Essays 2005 edited by Susan Orlean. Then I got The Best American Mystery Short Stories 2005 edited by Joyce Carol Oates. They were 40% or 50% off then we got our membership percentage off also. *sigh* I really should curb my book buying for a bit.

Tonight was leftovers and whatever you can find night for dinner. We watched the final episode of Celebrity Fit Club 3.

I planned to do some writing tonight and work on my resume but didn't really get the chance. I opted to attend a Funds For Writers chat which was just under two hours. I'm in the middle of it now. It's been interesting. Hope Clark (the site owner) went to a conference this week and she's dishing the dirt on the things she learned while there.

All I will say about work today is that my boss bought pizza for the department for lunch and it was good! *zips up lip*

I'm really tired tonight. I noticed the last few days I've slept in and only taken three instead of four doses of my Pentasa. I should do better.