April 6th, 2006



I've been having very active weird dreams lately. Some include elements of tv shows I'd seen the night before. But not the one last night.

I dreamt Seth Myers was a cake decorator who had to put together a huge half wedding cake for me. It was big enough to feed hundreds. My friend Spike was my boss and told me that I had to run a customer service training class and I needed to include this hilarious video because Walter hadn't seen it. The video included people dressed in prairie outfits and a wheelchair bound person. So Seth Myers decorates my cake and another at the same time. Except for the colors they are nearly identical on the outside. The girl is made because she says my wedding cake is too much like her wedding cake. Seth just rolls his eyes. I place a reserve order for the video with the library. Seth says he'll drive me to my car. He lives around the corner. He drives literally around the corner and doesn't stop fast enough. He hits another car into a green Jeep. The two gentlemen from the green Jeep are drunk and they assume Seth is too. They realize his car is a POS and is coming apart before their eyes so they just give him a hard time. Then Seth drives me to my car. While we're talking, a woman comes by holding a watch out in front of her. Then we see a short school bus with a trailer hitched to the back ram into the red pickup truck parked next to Seth. We realize it's the woman with the watch. I tell him the wedding cake is for my customer service thing, he gives me a quick kiss on the lips and says he better go before the woman decides to run into his car. I step out, he drives off and I have my car keys in my hand.

I spoke to Spike last night and I picked up the peanut butter birthday cake for Zilla. That's the only thing that has to do with anything I did or thought yesterday.
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