April 10th, 2006



Today was a good day!

We woke up late and I found out a place that recently opened by us serves good, inexpensive Chinese food. So we went to CoCo's Grill for lunch. Yummy! Then we went to Kohl's where my husband returned some Christmas gifts his mother bought for him. He found two new shirts and bought me a toaster. I can't remember when we moved our toaster oven off the kitchen counter, but I've been wanting a basic toaster for a while. Now I've got one! Next was the cemetary to see my brother. He might have been there once shortly after we were married; the headstone seemed familiar to him. Next we went to Avenue where I tried on a few things and found I'm not as big as I thought (yay!). I walked out with a shirt for around the house for $6.99. Next stop was Macy's where I found a new purse and he found a new wallet (unfortunately, neither had money inside). I got treated to a small chocolate cone dipped in chocolate from Dairy Queen. Zilla was going crazy because we wouldn't take him out. He kept running back and forth between us until finally he started to bark at us. After all, we should know the routine is that once we come home he gets at least a potty break. I let him have a few licks from my cone and he immediately calmed down. I only let him have the ice cream part. The three of us went for a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. I got to take a nap for an hour and a half.

The Sopranos was good. I found some new icons for userpics. They're from noisywallflower and _n_butterfly_.

I'm getting sleepy and should go to bed. I have a load of laundry in the dryer which I could take out but I think I'll wait until the morning.
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