April 11th, 2006


Oh yeah...

I put in a long day at work on Monday.

Today was like a play day. I went to see a new customer... we drove to our Kentucky branch and then went to see the customer in Indiana. I was in three states! There were two management team members left behind today. One did nothing and the other, ~E~, was running around crazy taking care of the new customer that she brought on board and had to dump in my lap. My boss and I threatened to both call in tomorrow. Her head might explode if we did that. We don't want her head to explode.

We had lunch at a Mexican place which seemed to agree with me but now that my nerves have been calm for a while and we've had a long truck ride, my insides are just having a ball. They're like the kid that was on his best behavior for an event and went wild after he was complimented on his behavior.

Hubby is at The New World which just returned to the theaters. I think it's his fourth viewing but I could be wrong.

I got a phone call on Monday that my new glasses arrived. It wasn't even a week and it was supposed to take two!
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