April 14th, 2006



I got to go into work a little later in the morning than usual but I ended up leaving late.

My honeybaked ham arrived at work today. Yummy!

I spent all day answering questions and putting out fires. But... I decided to take a walk this afternoon. I walked down to the UPS box and back with my boss. It was a good 20 minute walk.

rhondaparrish won 4th place for a story at Fanstory. Yay!

After work I spent an hour traveling to my mom's. She again told me how much she hates living in the country and feeling like she's isolated from people. I spent about 30 minutes on her iMac and left. Somehow her printer icon got moved from the desktop to an application folder.

I had a strange experience on the way home with another driver which is going into my writing journal. Then it will probably get worked into a story. Of course, part of the battle at this point is staying awake long enough to write in the journal.

Before I left the apartment today my husband handed me a bunch of CDs to listen to during my drives. Most of them were Matthew Sweet CDs. I love his music!

My husband got a 15% off customer appreciation discount on one item for Barnes and Noble. So he bought me more books. hehe It seems he can't resist buying books for me either.

Friday Update

So… this morning I decided I would read Marley and Me. I picked up some of the books off the first stack and the second stack started moving towards me. I put the books back and left for work.

Pretty smooth, eh?

Boss bought lunch for me and co-worker. Still at work.
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