May 10th, 2006


That Dog Is So...

I didn't do the workout yesterday like I was supposed to. About halfway through the morning I stood up and realized my leg muscles were sore. That low-intensity workout got to me!

I took Zilla for his first walk of the night. It's starting to rain and I am standing there by Hollywood waiting for him to do something or keep walking while he's smelling. All of a sudden, a male bearded passenger in a car at Gibby's starts pointing and he's trying to yell at me. All I can make out is "Look at that dog!" Traffic picks up and drowns him out. I wonder if he's telling me I need to pick up the poo (which hasn't happened yet). I'm really straining to hear him. Usually when people yell things at me it's good things about Zilla. For instance, when I dropped off my interview thank you notes someone rolled down her window and asked what kind of dog he is. When I told her, the woman laughed and said, "That name's longer than his legs." So this little blue car pulls out of Gibby's and onto Third Ave. The man is still pointing and I finally hear, "That dog is so fucking cute!"