May 12th, 2006


Grease Is The Word...

On the way home I decide to pop in the Grease soundtrack. It immediately takes me to Stockholm. ~C~ and I were on our honeymoon, walking down the street. A convertible rolls on by blaring Frankie Valli singing the theme song. We look at each other and know we had another reason to like Sweden so much.

My oldest brother went to Venice High School where the film was made. Not long after, our friend ~S~ went to college with Lorenzo Lamas and when Lorenzo wouldn't give back the biology book he borrowed, ~S~ called his house. He spoke to Fernando and Lorenzo returned the book to him the next day. So I'm only a few degrees from knowing John Travolta, one of the loves of my life, you know.

I'm thinking about all of this and singing my heart out when I realize the car in front of me has a personalized license plate. Swede Luv. Talk about weird coincidence.

And then I'm thinking about Stockholm again.

This morning before I left for work I logged into EverQuest and cancelled my account. I'm getting up the nerve to post I feel I should step down from my co-admin position on the EverQuest Role-players board.

In American Idol news, I'm in shock. I thought for certain Katherine or Taylor would be the next to go.

I guess that's all for now!