May 23rd, 2006


Inspired Lunch

In the lunch room someone switched all of the burnt out bulbs with new ones. During the 30 minutes I was there, at least 7 people commented on the newfound brightness of the room.

Inspired by my lunch, I wrote another Fibonacci. (Yes, I know cupcakes is one word.)

taste so
yummy on
my tongue. Most are too
sweet so I don’t eat them often.
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So... Half My Friends Are Dangerous

and I wanna be dangerous too!

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Skulking amidst the candy store, wielding a piece of chainlink fence, cometh Dogzilla30! And she gives a spectacular bellow:

"I'm seriously going to beat you until you smell like barbeque!!!"

Find out!
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Are you a girl, or a guy ?

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Adventures with Big Z

I realized yesterday that I just take myself way too seriously at times. Things get bad for me when both my husband and I are taking ourselves too seriously. There just aren't enough laughs to go around.

Last night I was writing in bed with my favorite dog next to me. Well, after a while he decided he needed more room. Zilla just sprawled himself across the width of the bed. This is no small Corgi. He rightfully grew into the name Dogzilla. My laptop was in his way so he scootched (is that even a real word?) his behind on my laptop. I just stared at the tailless butt for a moment before I moved the laptop. I swear I heard a satisfied sigh come from his lips.

On the way home I decide I'm too hungry to get my mind on writing so I will go to the store, get some food, and then head home. While at the store I get the brilliant idea to buy hot dogs. Memorial Day is coming soon and so is the Ohio Corgi Picnic. Since we aren't going to any cookouts, I will make hot dogs tonight or tomorrow. An evil gleam gets into my eyes. After making my purchase I scurry home. The Cardigans on the CD player lift my spirits and I'm suddenly reminded of the concert at The Newport with more 12-year-old girls than beer but that's another story entirely.

After a minor debate my husband and I decide tonight we will eat hot dogs. And I have my chance to mess with Zilla. I have his water dish in my hand and I call upstairs to my husband to bring the digital camera. This smart dog is looking from me to the stairs and back again. He knows something is up. His eyebrows and eyes shift with each look.

I set the bowl down and Zilla gingerly picks the hot dog out of it and starts to gulp it. He tricked me! I thought for certain he would be unsure of how he should get the hot dog. Foiled again by the Big Z.

For the next 20 minutes my husband is camera happy and Zilla can't decide if he should like all of the attention or try to run away.

So for those who made it this far… Collapse )
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