July 5th, 2006


Can't Win, Can I?

Sometimes I feel like I can't win. One of the aunts is having a cookout and poker for the kids this weekend. I can't eat any of the side dishes she's considering. Or only a tablespoon at the most. Usually she drives me crazy trying to find out what I can eat. So I think I'll stick to steak and apple pie, thank you very much.

So Harry Houdini was at it again. I came home for lunch and he was naked! When I spoke to my husband in the afternoon, he said Zilla's one sleeve had come undone and he'd fixed it before he went to work. So I don't think we can leave him with the shirt on unless we're around. When I picked the shirt up one of the safety pins was undone. This is one of those times where I wish I had a sewing machine. I can handstitch the sleeves up, but I'm afraid it won't be strong enough. He did let me look at the growth though. It's now round and the size of a quarter dollar.

It's time for Zilla to herd me into the bedroom. Night, night.
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