August 3rd, 2006


Almost Friday!

Yesterday was a weird work afternoon. I kept messing up numbers, not finding stuff I needed... I kinda felt like I should just go home if I wasn't going to do anything right. :)

It was a mite slow and I finished Deafening. I was worried I wasn't going to make my 10 book goal this summer for one of the adult summer reading clubs. Now I'm not as worried; I'll know I did at least 5 if not more. The next thing I'm reading is Wild Things by ccfinlay which was a pleasant surprise and I'm really engaged with it.

My husband works late tonight so I may get some writing time this evening. I've been revisiting some old stuff from last year or early this year trying to make them better.

On Monday I went to Kohl's and bought a pair of olive green khakis. I wore them yesterday and felt a little better about my wardrobe. Not much, but every little bit helps.

Lunch Today

Lunch at home was wonderful. I usually watch American Chopper because it’s usually easy to step away from even if I get involved with the show. So today, they’re in London, England of all places. And Paul Jr. says, “This is our second day here and we only know one person in London. Ewan McGregor.” *swoon* So I got some quality Ewan McGregor time in during lunch. :)
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