August 20th, 2006



I don't like cleaning. Things get dirty again and dust makes my allergies act up.

Today I cleaned the bathroom mirror, the front of the bathroom door, vacuumed the downstairs, crevice cleaned the stairs, emptied the bathroom wastepaper basket, laundered the blanket and pillow from the couch, and cleaned the back door window. I think I read at least a month of newspapers. None of that is much, but it feels good to have done a few things. The last few weeks I've been vegging to TLC shows about cleaning. It must be my mental prep for doing this.

Yesterday we watched Swann in Love which wasn't bad but I took an unintentional nap during it. I may have seen it before because some of the final scenes seemed very familiar. Tonight we watched Little Dieter Needs To Fly which Herzog will be remaking as a fictional movie.