August 22nd, 2006


My Work Morning

This morning at work has been slow; the computer system I use for my work has been down. I’ve created the quality control spreadsheet my boss asked for last week. I could dub some spots to a tape but I don’t have all of them available to me. (Three of them are on a USB drive I don’t know how to use.)
I’ve been looking at the site and I registered today to get the daily emails. 
I left my fleece at home this morning and I am freezing. Even the person who likes the coldness in the room commented on it.
We’re saying goodbye to Nicheflix. They are changing their format and my husband has seen all of the things he really wanted to see. We’ll up our Greencine from three to four disks a month. 
Last night we watched some more of our Bernie Mac DVD set from the first season. We watched the Church and the Family episodes. If we were to somehow find ourselves in the position where we had to take care of our siblings’ kids, I don’t know what we would do. My brother’s daughter is in her 20s and graduated from law school. His stepson is just getting to finish middle school/start high school. I would think he would go to his grandparents first. His father has not made the best choices in life and I think he’s still an addict so I don’t think he would get to raise him. My sister-in-laws daughters are married with kids of their own. That just leaves little ~C~. The last I heard, my brother-in-law and his wife hadn’t decided on any arrangements.