September 6th, 2006


My Tuesday

For some reason, I felt pretty sick yesterday. As the day went on, it just kept getting worse and worse. I don't know if the sweater I wore left me too hot or too cold. Of course it was the day I'm supposed to be helping my husband pack for Toronto. Grrr.

I found out our nifty CoolPix 5900 isn't compatible with Windows 2000 (which is on my laptop) a few hours into trying to get the laptop to recognize the camera.

Because I was listening to FlyLady and doing a load of laundry several days during the week I didn't have the mad scrabble I usually have to get my husband ready for a trip. Everything he needed was already washed. I only had to iron two things.

I'm feeling a lot better today even though I'm not feeling 100% well. I'm considering taking some Purell into work since it seems at least three people handle the tapes in our department. There's no telling how many people at the production company touches them.

Zilla's vet called yesterday and told us his thyroid levels look much better. We're not going to change the dosage of his medication.

One of the salespeople has offered to take a handful of us to lunch today to thank us for helping her out. We'll see if I get all the tapes checked in by noon or not so I can go. Another salesperson told me yesterday she wrote to my boss about how great I'm doing. She said I'm always helpful, and I get back to her fairly quickly on things which the last person never did.

The next week is going to be very lonely without my husband.
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