September 27th, 2006


Small Catchup

Last week things just kind of clicked when it came to following through with my evening plans.

Movie passes were given out at work for Wednesday to The Science of Sleep. Things moved along at a brisk pace and I was able to get out just in time. The movie is in French, English and Spanish. Though I've seen him in a few movies I think I fell in love with Gael Garcia Bernal in the first scene. All it took was a shake of his tush. Animation, dream sequences, drawings, stop-motion... it's a lot to process in one film but for me it worked.

The next evening the system that tells us which spots are missing went crazy. Someone made an honest mistake when sending the schedules and the system didn't recognize any of the spots that were there. Funny how you never think leading 0's can mean much, huh? It still wasn't right at 6:45pm. I rushed home so we could get to Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Tool was playing across the street which made it hard to find parking. The theater wasn't busy. Three police officers were there to check on cell phones, tripods, etc. to make sure no one recorded the movie. They were funny and nice to us. We walked into the theater, saw about ten people, walked out to get popcorn, and then went to the reserved seating area. I think twenty people in the entire theater might be exaggerating how many people attended this sneak preview. While I didn't always appreciate some of the humor, I have come to the decision that Sacha Baron Cohen is a comic genius. He has a sense of timing that could only come through talent. Some of it was obviously planned or put together in a way that when you forgot about something it was brought up later for laughs. I have no idea how the first wedding could have been planned though. (No spoilers here!) By the end of the movie I was torn on how America is portrayed. On the one hand, I'm proud that so many people would have patience with someone from another culture but on the other hand I was apalled at the number of racists and homophobes.

I accidently plugged up the kitchen sink. Twice. The first time was with hamburger grease and the second time was with baking soda trying to get rid of the grease.

Saturday I had a barium enema to take pictures of my large intestine. It was a little uncomfortable but mostly it was awkward. Imagine having something in your behind while you're moving from one side to the other. I always wondered what the ledge at the bottom of the x-ray machine was for but now I no longer wonder. They can tilt the machine so you stand straight up. Yeah... with a tube in your butt.

My brother-in-law, his wife and ~C~ came into town Friday night. We saw them on Sunday. One of my husband's grandfathers was diagnosed with lung cancer and he really wanted all of the grandsons over for poker. Me and a fiance were the only women there. I went out early during the first game and had a mild allergy attack due to the cat. The fresh air was nice though. Hubby won second place. The second game had a lot less people but was also a little weird. Grandpa had too much to drink and his walker got caught on the rug when he was trying to turn a corner. Down he went. The aunt in charge of the food freaked out a little, yelling for 911 to be called. We got him up without problems but he scraped his arm on something and was bleeding something awful. After he went out he was feeling poorly and was telling our uncle how this was the last card game with the kids. Yesterday the news came back that the cancer has spread to his lymph nodes and there's some in his chest too. He may start chemotherapy.

Sunday I found a new joy. I like blowing raspberries on ~C~'s bare feet. He giggles. It's hard to believe he's walking now. We'll probably get a webcam and Skype setup so we can watch him grow up. When we first saw him he was finishing up his dinner. Green beans, tofu, and oranges. It was strange to hear my sister-in-law ask if he recognized me from the photobook she shows him of the family. She said he always smiles when he sees my picture. And for so many reasons that makes me smile.