October 19th, 2006


Announcement for Corgi Lovers

Hi all,

After all this time, the new CorgiAid calendars are on their way!!!
Our webmistress, Nancy Moncrieff, has put the info to order on
our website at www.corgiaid.org so you can use Paypal, or order
with a check by printing out the form and sending to me.

There is a $5 discount if you order our calendar/book combo, and
if you order 2-5 calendars I can use the "flat rate" box provided by the
PO and the shipping is only $8.10. All calendars are mailed Priority.

The calendars are expected Nov. 1st, so you'll be "pre-ordering"
for approximately the next two weeks, but as soon as they arrive I'll
get them back in the mail to you!

After the annual auction, our calendar is CorgiAid's biggest fundraiser
for the year so please, order your calendar soon! With the holidays right
around the corner, order one for your corgi loving friends.....they make
great gifts! It's truly the gift that brings a smile every day, all year

From all of us at CorgiAid, thank you so much for making it possible
for us to say "YES!" when asked to help a corgi or corgi mix. Just as it
"takes a village to raise a child", it takes a community to care for our

***permission gladly given to cross post to ALL your friends***

Get your 2007 CorgiAid calendar at:
New corgi merchandise at:
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