November 25th, 2006


Party Friday

My husband and I kept calling yesterday Party Friday since I didn't have to work. I wrote, I napped, I watched Westminster (a rerun), saw For Your Consideration, had movie theater popcorn, picked up some gift certificates, had a huge dinner at Hoggy's and watched tv. I was in bed by 1am. The party next door woke me up just before 3am. It kept on going until 5:30am. I considered calling the police or our landlord but I decided against it. They don't have parties that often and while I'm not so fond of the girl I do like the guy who lives there. Plus I know karma will get them back. I rather enjoyed imagining placing speakers on the roof of their porch directly outside their bedroom window and then blaring the music to Star Wars. It wasn't just loud music. It was loud conversation with the occasional whoop! and jumping up and down on their hardwood floors. Maybe that's supposed to pass for dancing?

My NaNoWriMo t-shirt showed up yesterday. It feels soft and this size/style fits perfectly. My husband kept wanting to type on the keyboard all night. Total Word count just after midnight last night was 10,045.