December 1st, 2006


Friday's Got To Be Better

Yesterday wasn't all that great and today looks like it won't be too much better.

At work I heard from four or five people about how I shouldn't hold onto packages if they don't belong to my department. I had two items for one person. One item looked work related and I could have sworn it arrived on Wednesday and the second non-work related item arrived in the afternoon. I was feeling pretty beat up about it and was nearly ready to say to the next person "It's done and over with. If don't have anything different to say than the other x amount of people, then I suggest you don't say anything." when the person who was filling in for our receptionist danced towards me with a package and a grin on her face. It was another package for this same person. "I'm going to rush over there and hand deliver it so it won't get lost. This feels so important... I didn't know Land's End was a client of ours!" She was being silly.

I did leave work at 7pm on the 29th and that was with me staying a half hour to finish up some paperwork so I thought I'd get to leave early (yeah, I know, I'm supposed to leave work at 5:30pm). With the start of the kid's festival I thought I'd have a few hours to myself to relax with some yummy food and work just a little bit more towards the 20k mark on the NaNoWriMo project. And I'd have time to start outlining and writing my book review. Plus I have Christmas lists due to my parents and my in-laws. And all weekend I'll be at my husband's work which will be nice, but means things I need to do get neglected. Schedules didn't import out properly and the other department had six people out so schedules were late coming out. One guy was done at 7:30pm. (He even did work for Sunday.) The second guy was done at 8:00pm. The third guy didn't finish until 10:30pm.

I was frustrated. Completely. I tried to go to BW-3 in German Village. There wasn't any parking. I thought I'd go to Raising Cane's on Olentangy River Road because of their drive-thru. I got flustered and missed the exit to the freeway so I decided it was stupid to drive by a bunch of food places to get there and I got my dinner from Wendy's. I felt pretty stupid and kind of disgusted with myself for drinking a soda and eating fast food at 11pm knowing I try to be in bed by 11:30pm.

During lunch I found out the house down the street I've admired for years is for sale. $289,900 is a lot of money to me. My husband was surprised he got home before I did and was teasing me about working straight through until February to afford it. That was a sweet blip on the radar before I left work.

At home when I was telling him about how turtle-like this person was in doing their work, and how I was really getting mad, I said the things I wanted to say to the fellow. None of them were nice and I ran out of breath during the last expletive. Afterwards I thought it was kinda funny how mad I was about it.

This morning I woke up to rain coming into the bedroom from a leak in the ceiling. And I've realized my Palm Pilot is lost somewhere, probably in the house, since I last remember using it to look up my parents' phone number.

But it's Friday and it's expected to be a long day. I get to wear jeans to work. I thought I'd wear my NaNoWriMo t-shirt but I am not sure I want to answer questions about my unfinished novel today.