January 27th, 2007


Getting Up Early Tomorrow... or Today

The weekends are for sleeping in, right? Well, my mother is staying the next 1 - 2 days and I need to do last minute cleaning. I don't want her to trip on clothes overflowing from the laundry basket when she uses the bathroom. My dad is going to look at the hole in the floor of our bedroom. Should be fun.

Today I got Zilla to eat a mixture of dry and wet food at lunch and for dinner. He ate two mouthfuls of dry food and was like, "I'm done. I want to eat but I can't eat that." After 20 minutes I relented. Last night he finally got into bed with me. Usually he sleeps on my husband's side when it's just us. He ended up on the floor in the morning and that's normal.

Last night I noticed Gibby's across the street is now Canyon Cafe. They were closed last weekend for remodeling. For several months we've not ordered any takeout from Gibby's because they took the Grandview location off their web site. It was a pain to figure out what to order, etc. Now I guess I know why it was missing. This new restaurant offers valet parking and I would guess the menu is different. I overhead several of the valets asking the exiting patrons if they liked the food.

The mood for now is blah. I'm happy it's the weekend but not happy that I don't get to sleep in on one of the days.
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I've been up for a few hours. Zilla got his walk, breakfast and pills. I've done most of the dishes, and two loads of laundry. Breakfast was just cereal.

Last night I saw Two For the Money. It was actually kinda good if I forgot about Matthew McConaughey's dynamics in the whole thing. Al Pacino and Rene Russo were great.