March 24th, 2007


It's The Weekend!

I feel a little bit stupid. You know when you have a day off and then you realize you should have done something? I should have gone to the movies last night just because I could do it at a reasonable hour.

Here's a funny thing from Thursday night. OSU played Tennessee and when we left my in-laws the game wasn't close. OSU was down by 20 points. At home, close to the end of the game, my husband turned on the computer room tv. OSU was catching up. At one point I asked how it was and was told it was tied. Not long after that I heard yells of victory coming from the front yard. My husband came into the bedroom and I told him I knew who won. He told me what happened and left the bedroom. I heard more yelling and whooping from outside and he returned. It was like everyone was whooping and hollering his entrance into the bedroom. ha ha

Zilla's chemo treatment went well last week. Our regular vet called Thursday to see if we had any questions about anything. He gets faxes on a regular basis from the oncologist. I love our vet. Zilla doesn't have to see the oncologist for another 2 - 3 weeks but he does need some bloodwork done. I called our regular vet's office on Thursday afternoon to make the bloodwork appointments. The vet tech who answered the phone was asking about Zilla and it made me cry. Zilla's been going there since we got him. One of the vet techs even named her kitten Catzilla after him. :) He's her favorite dog.

Maybe this weekend we'll get to watch some of the BSG series.

Today is more Jim Henson stuff at the Wexner Center. Family poker on Sunday has been cancelled with no new date set.
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Old Complaint

Thursday night when we returned from my in-laws we found one of my piles of "books to be read" had fallen over in the upstairs hallway. Last night I went to empty the dryer and found a worm wiggling across the floor. Tonight I came home from my husband's work to find another pile of my "books to be read" fell down the stairs.

I spent some time yesterday cleaning in the office but it didn't feel like I made any progress.