April 2nd, 2007


Odd Bruise

So Saturday morning we're just petting Zilla and hanging out when I notice he has this odd reddish-purple spot underneath his left front arm/leg pit. It looks huge. The regular vet told me to watch out for small purplish spots as it could indicate a clotting problem. It almost looks like Zilla's leg hit himself hard and gave himself a bruise but I can't be sure.

So I call the vet's office. And he's not there but his old-time partner is there and he suggests I call the emergency vet service since they'll know if it's oncology related. So I call there and speak to Kathy who transfers me to Chad. I tell Chad the story and he speaks with the staff emergency doctor. Chad calls me back and has me do a few things. I take Zilla's temperature (101.0) which is good. His gums are pink so I press them. They turn white and then pink again. The thing I was asked to do but couldn't really do it was take his pulse. I'm trying to count the number of beats for 10 seconds but I really can't keep track of two sets of numbers like that in my head. I came up with 8. I am sure it was wrong. So Chad calls our oncologist. I wait around for about 4 hours and then I get a call. The oncologist hasn't returned the page which is unusual but I know she's gone all of this week so Chad and I assume she probably went out of the town for the weekend too. (I wonder who watches her dog?) Chad advises me to bring Zilla in if he begins to bleed from his nose or if the bruise gets bigger.

Now the bruise is almost black and the skin there is really dry. Zilla has been panting more but he seems to pant the most when he's on his right side. Today we noticed his gum flaps are hanging down. I imagine it's the weight of his left lymph node. It feels even bigger than the other day.