April 27th, 2007


Grow Organic, Buy Local

If some people weren't saying this before I bet more will soon. According to a Reuters news item, hogs and possibly poultry have been fed grain with melamine.

"Melamine has been found in wheat gluten and rice protein imported from China for use in some pet foods. More than 100 brands have been recalled. The following is a breakdown by state with information obtained from USDA: North Carolina - 1 farm with 300 pigs. 150 of the animals were sold to a plant in South Carolina where the product is on hold. Farmer also is holding the rest of the pigs. New York -1 farm, none of the animals have gone to slaughter. Kansas -195 hogs from one farm have gone to a processing plant; some product is on hold but some may have gone to commerce. California -26 hogs from one farm have gone to slaughter and are being held at a federally inspected facility. -50 hogs were custom slaughtered. They cannot be sold in retail stores, but purchasers are being contacted. Utah -2 farms where pigs are on voluntary hold, meat from one of the farms, totaling no more 100 hogs, may have gone into commerce through a federally inspected facility; the rest of product is on voluntary hold. South Carolina -1 farm, none of the pigs have gone to slaughter. Oklahoma -show hogs have eaten the feed but none have gone to slaughter. Poultry Missouri - a poultry feed mill in Missouri may have bought contaminated feed."

It seems nothing's really safe to eat anymore, though.
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