May 9th, 2007


House and Work Updates

We've been preapproved for a mortgage. That's a big sigh of relief. Our mortgage guy seems nice. The proposed down payment is under 10k which is smaller than I thought we would need. Hence, the big sigh of relief!

This week, when I wasn't working, was spent scoping out houses on the internet. We went driving around the Clintonville neighborhood on Saturday. On Sunday we went to several open houses. Before, we thought we could use a two bedroom house but now we're thinking we can't have anything smaller than three unless there is a room that could be used as a bedroom later.

It's nice to imagine a corgi scampering about the places we looked at. I was a little frustrated with my husband as our approaches to looking at homes was different. He was looking at the places. I was trying to figure out whether or not our furniture would fit into places (like I can't see someone hauling his tv up three or four flights of stairs) and he was just looking at the features, room sizes and that sort of thing. He hadn't even thought of my way. So now he may take that into consideration.

Hubby told his mom about the open houses and she immediately jumped online to see the houses we looked at or had some interest in visiting. She even talked about coming over and staying the night for Christmas. It was funny.

The thing about a house is that it is an outward sign of your identity. We know we want some place where our friends will fill comfortable. After the move I am looking forward to having a dishwasher. We haven't had one since our first apartment. The second thing I am looking forward to is a new cooking set. My farberware is still functional but I'd prefer something that's a bit easier to cook with. I still like our pfaltzgraff dish set but I don't think he's crazy about it. We have about 8 complete settings and a lot of the serving pieces.

My husband has looked around and wants to get rid of everything and start from scratch. We really don't have much. Couch, chair, recliner, dining room table, (barely used) dining room chairs, six book cases (some won't survive the move), CD holders, my husband's childhood bedroom suite, a desk, and some end tables. Not much there for entertaining people.

I can think about this stuff later, though. Finding the right house is the important thing right now.

Work has been crazy. My sleep schedule is completely off. On Friday I worked until 3am. Last night it was almost 11pm. Tonight I left about 10pm even though I still had more work to do.

So I'm alive and here but not much beyond that at this point.