May 15th, 2007


Sick and Houses

Hubby was sick on Saturday and then I caught something Sunday and it keeps getting worse. The good news (according to the doctor) is that I don't have strep throat. It appears my sinuses are deciding to act up. My diet the last few days has been water, coke, and wonton soup. I should make hubby go to North Market and get me some of the matzo ball soup. It's supposed to have curative powers.

Nyquil makes me act loopy so conversations the last day or so have been interesting.

I called off work today but kept the appointment with our realtor. Man... he is so good. We spent about three hours with him walking through three houses. He knows so much stuff and has a great eye for detail. He looked at one of the houses and was like, "This isn't the original siding." "There used to be door where that window is now." and "This garage used to have a flat roof. The gable roof is a new addition since it was built." I mean, he's telling us stuff about the houses that were not in anything we could have checked. He also gave us pricing ideas on some upgrades and gave suggestions on different things that could be done with the spaces.
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