June 8th, 2007


Exciting Friday Night!

It's hard to believe. At 8:15pm on a Friday night I'm hom with dinner from Chipotle. I could get used to a "normal" schedule.

There have been a few new temps at work. The one helping me has been great. I hope they hire her on.

Not much more news on the house. I updated the flickr site with a few more pictures taken during the inspection. The shingles weren't there for us to pick out a color because the roofer that was lined up to re-do the roof said he doesn't work on Dutch Colonials when he came by the house. We're supposed to hear on the 10th about what the seller wants to do about the repairs.

Since we've been packing, a lot of dust has been flying through the air. I've had my hepa filter on but it's usually just at night. When I go to sleep the congestion in my chest just wakes me up. The last two nights I've ended up on the couch. My husband is so cute. He picks up the dusty books from the shelves, dusts them off outside and brings them back in.

I try to keep a positive attitude. Clutter is disappearing. We're getting a new start in a beautiful place.

I did a get a little sad this morning. When I woke up the first thing I did was stick out my arm. No wet nose or Corgi back was there to greet me. In a few weeks I'll be at the Ohio Corgi picnic. One breeder is bringing a pack of dogs. Four puppies and five adults. Two of the adults are available. Part of me wants to wait for us to have time to settle into a routine before we disturb it with another family member. Another part of me can't wait!

My friend from WI is in town for her sister's graduation so I'll get to see her sometime this weekend. We haven't seen each other since Vegas.
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I'm An Aunt!

My brother-in-law and his wife had their second baby. ~C~ now has a little brother. ~W~ has joined the family.

On Sunday my husband's grandfather celebrated his 90th birthday. I setup Skype on his PC and he got to see ~C~. Because of his hearing aids, Grandpa wanted a microphone instead of a headset. It caused some feedback. I could tell he was disappointed that he couldn't hear ~C~ (who happened to be talking low) but he was happy to be able to see him.

My in-laws show ~C~ pictures of the family all the time. I've been worried he won't know us since he hasn't seen us since he was little. He saw my husband and yelled, "~C~ come down!" When a nearly two-year-old invites you for a visit, you can't really refuse, can you? :)
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