September 11th, 2007


Writer's Block: The Nose Knows

What is your favorite smell? What does it remind you of?

I don't have one particular favorite smell.

I do love the smell of the dryer running. When I lived in the co-ed dorms the dryer vents were located by one of the side stairs into the building. I suppose it reminds me of fall days when the air is just starting to turn crisp. Even in the last apartment I would be transported to me at the age of 18 or 19 walking by those vents.

It wasn't until this year's Ohio Corgi picnic that I learned Zilla's smell was not unique to him. Dogs sweat through their feet and I thought his feet smelled like frito's. Corn chips and popcorn are common smells when the food is corn-based. I never went around smelling his paws though. I can't describe his smell, though. It's a dog smell but not sour or dirty.

Little Post

Yesterday I stayed away from the television and barely had the computer on. The guest bed (frame, not mattress) is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. The tv and living room furniture may or may not show up tomorrow morning with their morning deliveries. I'm supposed to hear from the furniture company by 10am. They get the deliveries at 8am and the person in the corporate office wants to make sure the items are there or not there before she calls me.

I called my mother tonight to see how she's doing but got the answering machine.

Thursday is my annual appointment with my gastroenterologist. It may not be the best week to meet with him since I've been a little stressed. Last night I didn't eat dinner until about 9pm and I was starting to get so cranky I was nearly ready to call sick into work.

As it turns out I think I have three sick days and another three or four days of vacation if I take all of the days I have planned. I can use sick time if I'm out a long time on Thursday. At my last job I think it took me about three years to realize I could use sick time for medical appointments. I was using my vacation time for them until I found out!