October 11th, 2007


Movies, Books, and Writing

Resident Evil took a long time to get to the end. It was an interesting ride but had some cliches of course.

I didn't see the best copy of Pirates of the Caribbean: at World's End but I thought it was okay. I did like the Calypso storyline and how it continued through to the end.

Chalk is a mockumentary about teachers. 50% of first time teachers quit in the first three years. It was slightly absurd but in a funny way. If you want a laugh that has something along with it then this is a movie to see.

When I heard The Hunting Party starred Richard Gere and Terence Howard my first thought was "What an odd pairing". It's based on the true story of four journalists who set out to find one of the world's most wanted war criminals, the Fox. They find him in two days and none of the governments involved in the UN can do it. Makes you a little suspicous, eh? In the movie there are only three who look for him. At times the story veers off into the surreal but I think that's what happens in life from time to time. While I think Pierce Brosnan would have made a better lead than Richard Gere, it was pretty good.

The Devil Wears Prada - Meryl Streep is the only reason to see this movie. I would much rather spend my time watching Ugly Betty. I haven't had a chance to watch it this season but I've got them on the DVR!

Hubby forgot to show me how to run the Blu-Ray features on the PS3 but I managed to watch Casino Royale with little problem. I did like the movie and it made me laugh every time Daniel Craig got into action mode and pursed his lips. Action mode lips, if you will. The quality of the picture was impressive.

I did read M is For Magic over the last month. My favorite story was probably "The Price" about a cat that duels each evening. There are still boxes and boxes of books packed in the basement (a quarter of one box is unpacked and on a book shelf) and I know I'll pick at least one to take with me on my trip.

I really overextended myself with the writer's conference. 29 workshops while working (and a few days of vacation) is just too much. But on the good side, I can pre-register for next year's conference. The dates are already picked out.