November 25th, 2007


Weekend Almost Over

The day hasn't gone as expected but it's still been good.  Woke up early, had breakfast at Northstar Cafe, went for lots of short walks with Sammy, did some writing, took a nap, and had a short visit with my brother-in-law.  I wanted to squeeze in another movie in there.  Hubby told me I could watch Heroes on my own.  Since he's out for a few hours this evening I thought I'd take the opportunity to get caught up on that.  But I'm being good and writing.  Working mostly on my NaNo - that requires the least amount of thought.

NaNoWriMo - Day Twenty-Five

I had a word goal today of 5k and I didn't make it. I only added another 2395 words which is the most I've written in one day. Today marked the 15k milestone. The total word count at this time is 16857. Have I given up yet? Strangely, heck no. :)

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