November 27th, 2007


NaNoWriMo - Day Twenty-Six

I really wanted to finish my NaNo this year to prove the first year wasn't a fluke. In reality, I guess it was a fluke.

I wrote a little bit (less than 200 words) while at work. Home was lovely. We ordered pizza and wings, watched The Amazing Race and 30 Rock and then it went downhill when I sat down to write.

Sammy would not stop barking. Before I actually began to write I checked my email and LJ when hubby, trying to be helpful, said something like, "I thought you were going to write" which I took as criticism. And it did not sit well with me since I was busting my butt at work today, did two loads of laundry after getting home, and wanted to check on a few things before I settled in. I was three minutes into a word war when Sammy started jumping in the kitchen trying to reach his bag of food. Within a few more minutes he was barking and jumping around in the dining room. I lost it and shrieked something at him about "Quiet".

In order for writing to get done at home I'll either have to have the office setup well (right now it's still a bunch of boxes and a half apart computer) or create a little area in the basement amongst the boxes of books where I can't see anyone and won't really hear them.

When I gave up writing for the night, I worked on laundry some more, put away the clean dishes I washed yesterday evening, and swept and polished some of the living room floor before chatting with hubby about the evening. I'm feeling overwhelmed and like a failure. With Sammy around it's hard to keep up on the cleaning (I sweep his hair up in the bathroom only to have it come back five minutes later) and even though he's not allowed on the furniture, his hair gets on our clothes and transfers over which I then try to clean off. Rarely have I met any of my writing goals this month. I thought Sammy was getting five or more walks a day and I've found out it's really more like three. The laptop that was only supposed to be delivered Monday - Friday was attempted delivery on Saturday, is closed for delivery on Monday, and will try again on Tuesday... which means I have to get off work a little early, make it to home and hope I'm here when they deliver it. Our NaNo ML suggested a last minute write-in with word wars that I was planning on attending. Oh well.

Writing is important to me as is spending time at home. Since I can't write, now that the words are actually coming again, I feel like a failure. Right now I don't see the word count as better than last year (which it is), or the attempt at writing consistently, or anything else. I see the PC that needs software installed, the unwritten email to my friend about the awesome author pictures she took, the undone web site, Christmas Shopping (which is not only usually done by me but also happens to need to be done super early since my mother insists on celebrating Christmas on the 8th), and obdience classes. (These aren't offered again through the humane society until January.)

Total Word Count is 17,301.

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