December 9th, 2007


New Creatures

My walk this morning introduced me to a new creature that is certain to not last long for this earth. The Reindeer Snowmen. They seem to be congregating at one particular house. Perhaps this lone place has all the nutrients they need. I do not know what the creatures eat. They have carrots for eyes and mouths. What would a carrot eat? Their natural habitat appears to be one of snow. It's been raining since yesterday but the snow still persists.
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Writing Goals

Back in October I wrote down my most recent writing goals.

Three items still to do on the list
Write my two book reviews for
Revise "Other People's Possessions"
Finish off "The Wife"

Two new items
Read and Write review for March 2008 Niteblade (about 60 pages left to read)
Begin work on author web site.