December 13th, 2007


Odd Dreams

Monday night I dreamt my husband got a tattoo. I remember being a little peeved about it but don't remember what the tattoo was of.

Tuesday night I dreamt my husband made a confession to me while I was looking at the mail. He'd gotten really drunk the other night with his brother. His brother talked him into another tattoo. "You took the last one so well I thought it would be okay." This one was of a video game controller (of course for a game system not invented yet) that was four inches wide and six inches long. I had to say the person who did the tattoo was an artist but come on... it was a bad tattoo! I was furious.

Last night the dream began with a search of public records to find out what really happened to my brother's friend that went to jail. (The only details I was ever given was that the charges involved a van, blood, and a 13-year-old girl. His sister was in the same class as me and I was friends with her.) During my search of public records I find that my husband has a stalker who works for the BMV. I click on a link to find out more about this stalker and suddenly he knows the whereabouts of us. He claims my husband filed charges against him for no reason so he's decided to make there be a reason. The stalker looked like a shorter, stooped, Harvey Pekar.

Usually when I have dreams like the last one I've been watching too much of a specific program. For instance, when I was viewing seven or twelve Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes on DVD each week I began having dreams with Buffy, Xander, Willow, etc. in them. I haven't read or seen anything with Harvey for a few months. The only thing I can think of is that I watched 1.25 episodes of Bones last night.

Writing News

When Ink Slingers closed in March 2007 about a dozen people went over to a new board called Watermark. The purpose was to stay in touch and still get critiques done on our writing. Eight months later the plug has been pulled. I don't think anyone ever commented on my most recent version of "Other People's Possessions" and there were three people who were active during those months it was live. I logged in on the 8th to found out this news. Apparently it was posted on the 1st and the board was closed on the 7th.

I really do need to get feedback and the energy that comes from conversing with real people. The TGIO party reinforced that with me. The party was at BD's Mongolian Grill at the Arena District. We had a table large enough for twelve people and four of us showed up. Our Municipal Liaison wants to be the ML again next year. At the party was a romance writer about my age or a little older, me, the ML, and a literary writer a little younger than I.

The literary writer said she has problems with finishing projects that don't have deadlines. I can certainly empathize with that. The romance writer suggested we all get together to sit down and do writing as it's motivational to know someone else is working alongside you. It was suggested the first Thursday in January but the romance writer has her critique group on the first and third Thursdays of each month.

So we'll see what happens. Maybe something will happen. Maybe something won't. As it is, I won't get my hopes up so I'm not disappointed again.

I'm a sucker for punishment. I decided on the 12th to do NaNoFiMo - National Novel Finishing Month. It's 30k words in December to be used on an old or a new project. Wish me luck - because I started late I'm already a little behind.
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