April 27th, 2008


Good Saturday

 In the wee hours of the morn Friday Sammy was whining from the thunder.  I told him he had the choice of going under the bed or getting on the bed.  He got on the bed and watched one of the windows for about an hour before he fell asleep.  It rained a little on my way to work and that was it.

Early this morning I heard the rain and when we took our walk at 10:30am I could see evidence of it.  In the early afternoon rain drops were still on the ground cover on the side of the house.  

Worked on a book review, took a two hour nap and watched some tv.  The patio and porch furniture is out.  So far the bird on our porch hasn't tried chasing us off.  Sammy liked sitting on the porch with us.

Forgot to Mention The Howling...

I asked hubby yesterday if Sammy should go in his crate while we put out the patio and porch furniture and he thought Sammy would be fine outside his crate.  We got the table on the patio and were moving the couch/sofa to the front porch when we're next to the front door and I hear something.

"Is he howling?"

Um yeah.  A low plaintive howl that said he was lonely.  With the french doors open it wasn't very audible outside the house.  I wonder if he was howling from under the couch.  

I almost feel sorry for him and then I remember how he tried to take my bahama mama from my plate at yesterday's dinner and how this morning he tried to eat my cereal from my bowl...


Writer's Block: House Call

Whose house (besides your own) were you in last and why?
I was last in my aunt's house for a Pampered Chef party on Thursday.  Went there straight away after work, helped make a strawberry trifle dessert (which I couldn't eat) and the other team of people made a cheeseburger salad.  I was able to dig through some of the salad but it was kind of a pain.  The librarian at her job was just diagnosed with Crohn's.  Surprisingly, because I didn't have much to eat and had been worried about getting there on time, I didn't have a flare-up from drinking sangria.