June 15th, 2008


Quick Update

We've had storms off and on the last week. Friday was the last storm but it seems there is one moving in our direction.

Tuesday night we went to the local movie theater. We can walk there but it's not as close as the theater was to our last place. Because of the unpredictable weather we drove. It's a one-screen theater where they serve the usual stuff plus beer. Food is available from the pizza place down the street. We splurged and got everything - beer, pizza, and popcorn! They showed part 10 or 11 of a 14 part Batman serial before showing Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Harrison Ford was the best part and there were two highlights for me. The first was a line from Star Wars. The second was the goofy look on his face when Jones sees the love of his life.

Last night we saw Woman On The Beach which was pretty good. There is one scene with a diagram that many people seem to think makes no sense at all. But I told my husband it made perfect sense to me. I know this is really cryptic but I can't write about it without giving away key information so I'll just give my explanation of the diagram. I'm habitually late and it drives my husband crazy. If this were all he focused on it would make our marriage miserable. Instead, when I'm making us late he chooses to focus on other things that are positive about me which replaces those frustrated crazy feelings with loving ones. If more people were able to do that then the world would be happier place, I think.

Saturday we went to Cuco's with my in-laws, Grandma and aunt to celebrate Father's Day. Today we went to my parents for a cookout. My brother was working so it was just my parents, me and my husband. Sammy got left behind in his crate.

Friday I found a Call for Submissions for a 1500 word article on blogging due by the 16th. I became obsessed with writing one on how to do a blog tour and have been working on it non-stop until this morning. I got to 714 words and realized I had nothing more to add that wasn't fluff. So I filed it away for future use. Heck, I may submit it to ezine articles or just post it to my writing web site.