September 6th, 2008


Odd Friday

Most of the interesting things that happened to me on Friday were at work. I've placed the events behind the cuts.

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Once I was at home I made arrangements to see my parents on Sunday afternoon. I'm bringing Sammy and a pizza from Mama Mimi's.

I had dinner with my next door neighbors. I really got to indulge while I was there. Appetizers (shrimp cocktail and smoked salmon with crackers), mashed taters, green beans, grilled marlin, grilled zucchini and grilled garlic bread. The dessert tray was a mixture of a dark chocolate thingie, tiramisu, and key lime pie. I came home with extras about 3.5 hours later. And I brought home the mail too. For some reason the post office delivered all of our mail to them.

It really began raining hard during the two minute walk home. I couldn't find my umbrella anywhere in the house so I took Sammy out without it. I got soaked!