November 9th, 2008

Sammy Blink

Almost Caught!

Hubby began feeling miserable yesterday. I made him soup and a two-cheese grilled sandwich for dinner. This morning he takes a bath and then gets back into bed so I get Sammy started on his day. After breakfast I put the dishes in the dishwasher and start the cycle.

Every now and then I hear a tinkling sound and I think it's his metal bowl inside the dishwasher hitting the top. After a while though, I realize the real source. I turn on the camera which Sammy hears and he comes into the hallway to investigate. He came thisclose to being caught on camera standing on the couch licking the soup bowl (with the spoon still in it) from last night. (So many rules being broken.) Darn camera sound! :)

Lazy Sunday

Hubby is still sick. He has Tuesday off for Veteran's Day. I go in for my annual physical on Monday morning.

Tonight I made an easy thing in the crock pot for dinner. I thought we would have some Bertolli frozen lasagna things for dinner tomorrow but may need to switch that for another day since hubby probably won't be feeling well tomorrow.

Once again we are behind our neighbors. They got a leaf blower or something and did their front yard. I raked a little bit of my red carpet by the red Japanese Maple tree. Our front trees are the prettiest on the street. They're an orangey-yellow and everyone else has green, yellow and brown leaves.

I did not go to the write-in today. I should have since next week we're celebrating Thanksgiving at my parent's house. I know that will be one day lost of writing. I am trying to get ahead to make up for days like that and because rhondaparrish and I are trying to get to 17k by Monday.

I'm way behind on updating my site. bleargh! And rewarding myself for writing.

Lately I've been wanting to make some bread but I can't find the paddle for our bread machine. I remember telling my husband I was taking it with me to the new house or putting it with x item because I did not want him to throw it out or have it break. Still haven't found the darn thing. Good news... we moved here 16 months ago and I finally found the book I was reading when we moved (The Amber Spyglass).

NaNoWriMo Day #9

The original plan for the day was to write during the write-in and then go to a movie with my husband in the evening.  As it was... we woke up around 8am.  I clipped coupons and after breakfast began to to write.  And then I wrote some in the afternoon just before the write-in.  I wasn't entirely sure if hubby would be able to handle dinner (the crockpot needed to be turned to low after one hour of cooking and I was worried he would be too drugged up to notice the time) so I got started on that and wrote some more. 

We watched some shows on his laptop and had dinner.  I was about to give up for the day... I was looking for that bread machine paddle, don't you know?  I took Sammy for his evening walk and inspiration hit me.  I knew my secondary character was not going to see her dead boyfriend at his work.  Everyone was going to think he was on vacation!  And I figured out what was so special about the book the dead boyfriend was looking for.  And I figured out how Sammy was going to tie it all together.  Maybe he wasn't going to die before the end like I thought.

So I wrote 2459 words today and hit an exact word count of 17,000!