September 27th, 2009



Friday - drove to North Carolina.  Okay, I slept most of the way and someone else did the driving.
Saturday - had breakfast at Elmo's and drove the rest of the way to the beach.  Got pizza and went grocery shopping.  Finished The Shimmer and started A Change in Altitude.
Sunday - woke up to the sounds of children walking around on the floor above me. Surprised to hear news of Polanski's arrest.  Caught up on internet land. About to have breakfast.


During today's nap I dreamt the cousin born 2 weeks before me was on Survivor as "the other Sharon" which was disorienting when I woke up. Her name is nothing like Sharon and the image I had of her laughing with another contestant didn't look much like her. I've seen my cousin as an adult only once.

Some dreams are just weird dreams.