November 1st, 2009



I spent it doing nothing around the house. Then we saw A Serious Man which was really funny.  We went to Cuco's for dinner afterwards.  We invited my parents for the outings and they had a really good time.  Churros were our chosen dessert at the restaurant but we stopped by Jeni's.  I picked up some of their special flavor for Breast Cancer Awareness month - rose petal with vanilla beans and red pepper.  Had a scoop later.  Nice!

While driving around one goofball went down Dodridge the wrong way.  Part of the street is one way and it's a common sight on game days.  We saw two guys by a huge tree.  One was on his butt trying to get up with no success.  The other one was hugging the tree and getting sick on the other side.  When I first saw them I thought it was an elaborate Halloween decoration at first.  I couldn't see puking guy's head so I thought he was a decapitated dummy.  I seem to spot the oddest things around bars and drinkers, don't I?