November 17th, 2009


NaNoWriMo Day 16

I'm using Dr. Wicked's Write or Die (online version) to get larger chunks of words written at a time. Today I wrote 1344 words (smaller than my new daily goal of 2k to "win" by the 30th). My total word count is at 18088.

My rewards system this year has kind of gone by the wayside. I've been stuck on unique rewards. It's good to have a little something to look forward to which is why I am only half heartedly still doing them. Any other month and I would not be rewarding myself for writing. One thought I had was to buy a laptop this year when I reach 50k but I'm probably going to buy one anyway in the next six months. It's more difficult all the time to get the old (as in 8 years old at this point) one to run on AC power.

Last night I made chili and corn bread for dinner. There were a lot of leftovers. I'll bring some for lunch tomorrow.