November 29th, 2009


NaNoWriMo Day 28

Today was a good writing day. I am happy with my number of words written and didn't feel like I gave up too much today. I was able to watch a few programs on the DVR and have meals with my husband.

Total Written Today: 5899 (yeah - I guess I couldn't squeeze out one more word. lol)
Total Word Count: 38911
11089 Words to go or... 5545 words written the next two days.

Riding Downhill

This weekend I have been pushing to write the rest of the words for this year’s NaNo project. 

On Friday I had 59.9% of the words written.  That’s just under 30k.  My husband saw so little of me yesterday he didn’t realize I never got out of my pajamas.

Today my total word count starts at 38911.  I have completed 77.8% of the project and have 11089 words to go before I can cross the finish line.

I feel a little bit like a bike rider going down a steep hill.  The pedals are going too fast for my feet.  I can barely control where the bike is going but the wind in my hair makes me feel alive.

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Sammy Blink

Almost Done

I know my LJ posts are pretty boring for the month. Things should be more interesting in a day or two.

My Total Word Count right now is 45078. I've got a lot of writing to do tomorrow to get caught up. It's my last chance this year.