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I haven't gone swimsuit shopping in years. Yesterday I went shopping for some workout clothes since I'm starting a 4-week power yoga class tonight. I think the manufacturers have the clothes sized two sizes smaller than they say they are. Normally I'll wear a XL for my top. I couldn't even get the bra tank tops in XL at Kohl's past my shoulders. At Target I at least found things that fit. I can wear them when I grow another four to six inches. The lighting in the dressing room combined with a pair of shorts was just hideous. In all I found a pair of shorts (more comfortable for working out than my regular shorts but skintight) and a short sleeve top. The clothes cost less than the sticky mat I bought. Even though I could wear the shorts with the shirt I bought or a big t-shirt, the sight in the dressing room just put me off wearing shorts for a long time.

I'm saving the shorts for when I work out with Bob.

So if any females want to make themselves feel bad about the way they look, try on some workout clothes.
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