February 22nd, 2010



The tissues with lotion are supposed to be better on your face.  Not true.  If you blow your nose umpteen times a day it will feel like sandpaper eventually.  My upper lip has been torn up for weeks (since my illness at the end of January).  I've been trying Carmax, MK Lip Balm, Chapstick, and Vaseline to help moisturize and heal it.  Today I noticed I have baby acne.  Just like my nephew had at 6 months.  I feel too old for baby acne. 

Kicking My Behind

I started writing a short story earlier this month for a 2/28/2010 deadline.  It was about half way written and (unbelievable for me) somewhat plotted out. 

Then I realized (1) I shouldn’t be including characters who aren’t in the story more than once.  This reduced the current number of characters from four down to three and (2) the main character is not who I thought it was.  It helps I was already writing from the (newly named) main character’s point of view, but I don’t know him very well.  For days I have been stuck.  This calls for drastic measures… like writing an autobiographical poem for him.

The short story may not be ready for the deadline but I want it to be the best short story it can be.

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